Protection function of electric valve actuator

Electric valve actuating device is a kind of can provide linear or rotary movement of the drive device, it uses some kind of driving energy and the role of a control signal to work. With the electric valve actuator for continuous improvement in protection is particularly prominent, following a detailed overview of:

1, torque protection
In order to prevent the implementation of the operation of the middle way too torque, this function is not only to protect the valve, but also to protect the implementation of the body itself, the torque value is set by the set.

2, valve position limit protection
The actuator runs to close and open the limit position automatically stop (with a set of working modes).

3, automatic phase adjustment
Valve electric execution device automatically detects the phase sequence of three-phase power source is connected to a power source terminal, through the proper logical operation, operation mechanism incentive which AC contactor, to ensure that the motor is connected with the correct sequence. If there is no automatic phase sequence adjustment function, may cause valve damage due to the wiring phase sequence error. Because of the sequence of the automatic adjustment function, perform the wiring of the power supply mechanism can do not consider the phase sequence.

4, instantaneous reversal protection
When the actuator receives commands for the opposite direction, it automatically adds a time delay to prevent unnecessary wear of the valve shaft and gear box.

5, power shortage phase protection
Electric valve actuator has a very good power function of phase lacking protection. It uses monitor voltage and current combined method can not only detect the motor still occurs when the power, but also occurred in the process of testing the motor running power lack of phase, thus prohibiting motor running, to avoid the lack of phase operation resulting in motor overheating. Is an important practical need to pay attention to, the vast majority of motor lack phase is occurred in the process of motor running.

6, the valve stuck when the protection

Regardless of the actuator to direction of opening or closing the direction of movement, after the motor driving signal in the 5 to 10 seconds temporarily banned torque protection function (if in the 5-10 seconds actuator without action, control circuit, the motor is cut off power supply). This work can can achieve valve stuck solution of the card.

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