Motorized valve opening time and valve port size

Opening motorized valve time means the valve from begin to open until fully open.
A20 actuator valve opening time has two kinds, One of them is 2N.M, less than 5 seconds, the other is 4N.M, less than 7 seconds
A100 open or clse time is less than 15 seconds, the actuator torque is 10N.M.

Motorized valve port size
Motorized valve port size means the valve body specifications model, Now we only have port size: DN8, DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50. If customers have other size demand, can suggest them use adapter.
Some countries use inch:
DN10=3/8" DN15=1/2" DN20=3/4" DN25=1" DN32=1 1/4" DN40=1 1/2" DN50=2"

Inner port diameter
Inner port diameter also means flow liquid port, it's smallest diameter of the flow of water in the body, There also have reduce port and full port two kind. Detail specifications, we can see the motorized valve port drawings or product specifications list.

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