Electric motorized ball valve body material

Motorized ball valve body, made of what material, the main material contain below:

1) brass. Brass modle 57# copper. Lead have 2.6-3% in it, 57# copper surface can be done to wash the lead treatment, after washing the surface lead 0.01-0.05% in it. (Notice: only surface wash treatment, Reduction of lead content, inside lead content is still 2.6-3%.)
2)Brass nickel plated
3)DZR brass, also called non aluminum copper and aluminum content of 0.025%, usually there's no stock, MOQ order is 500 pcs.
4)stainless steel 304
5)stainless steel 316 (there's no stock, Need reservations, DN15-DN25 MOQ is 500 pcs, DN32-DN50 MOQ is 150 pcs)

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