wireless water leak detection detector solution

3 pcs sensors metal face down flat in your need to prevent leakage of 3 different places, detection of leakage when the valve automatically shut off, and issued a warning sound.

wireless water leak detection detector solution
* Sensors can be with 1-3pcs, use 433 radio frequency wireless connections, battery powered, no additional wiring and sockets.
* When controller, sensors power shortage, sub level automatic alarm or automatic shut off valve.
* controller, sensors can independently control the valve open or close.
* sensor controller fully sealed, moisture proof design, increase the life of battery, and make the product more stable
* Suitable for water purifier, Water Leakage kitchen, bathroom Water Leakage, washing machine, water softener filter or Water Leakage room, Water Leakage warehouse.

Controller description

* controller has external power supply, there are spare batteries, normally working need power adapter, low power mode.
* a controller can be paired with 3 sensors.
* after the boot in low power mode, to accept the signal of the sensor, control valve open or close.
* in the open valve condition, no alarm, automatic open and close valve every 80 hours once time

Sensor description

* After the success of the matching, automatic monitoring mode, each 1 second detection of water immersion, each 10 seconds to detect power.
* when the sensor detects the Water leakage, sent signal to the controller, meanwhile the sensor to sound and light alarm for 20 seconds (3 indicator lights flashing, buzzer sound), controller receives the signal and closes valve.
* sensor detects low battery power, sound and light alarm (the power indicator lights flashing, buzzer), the valve self-closing after 20s ; if not replace the battery, repeated sound and light alarm after 20 minutes.

Controller and sensor pairing

1. Controller, press the open valve button, then press the power button on controller, buzzer rang get into pairing mode. (total 3 sensors can be paired, from left to right, each light means a sensor, When matching, the first pair is completed, automatically jump to the next pairing, press close valve button, it can delete All matching information, then you pairing again.
2. Sensor, press the power button sensor, it can automatically search the new controller signal pairs. If no new controller matched within 5 seconds, then use the controller finally matched, if original is not matched, then sensors work in stand-alone mode, will not send alarm information.
3. after the completion of the match, controller off, if controller on Pairing effect.

Products Picture

wireless water leak detection detector solution
wireless water leak detection detector solution
wireless water leak detection detector solution
wireless water leak detection detector solution

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