The difference between 3 way T - type and L - type motorized ball valve

Electric 3-way ball valve is a new type tee mouth type ball valve switch, can be used to three line medium for directional control, the control of shunt or confluence, according to different ball core structure, can be divided into T or L shape, T shape electric 3-way ball valve and L electric 3-way ball valve, the difference between a mainly depends on the different internal structure, from the appearance is don't see the difference! Tee ball valve can make the three orthogonal pipes, mutual unicom and cut off the third passage, shunt, confluence role, but L ball valve can connect two orthogonal pipes, cannot maintain the third pipeline connected each other, only assigned role.

As can be seen from the above image, the t-ball valve is mainly used for the diversion or mixing of the medium, and the L ball valve is mainly used for reversing. The l-type three-way ball valve is used for the distribution and switching without the need of 3. The operation is more convenient and only has two valve bits, and it has the positioning, which can be turned 90 degrees, and can't go wrong. T-type tee ball valve channel has a wide range of options, and there are more valve positions. Generally there is no positioning, if the replacement of L type is to turn 180 degrees.

In terms of technology, t-type electric tee ball valve can replace L type electric three-way ball valve, but L ball valve can not replace tee ball valve! In the process of use, different structural forms should be selected according to different working conditions, and t-ball valves can be direct and L ball valves cannot.

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