Tonhe 99 Hours Timer control motorized valve Instruction

1 Parameter specifies

Working voltage :110~250VDC(110~230VAC)
The time for keeping valve open :0 H : 0M :0S --99 H 59 M 59 S
The time for keeping valve closed : 0 H : 0M :0S --99 H 59 M 59 S

2 Timer specification

motorized valve

3 Operation instruction

Actuator parameter setting have two menu structures on below:
Function code ( fist menu),
The setting parameters of function code ( secondary menu)

Picture 0 Secondary menu operation menu

motorized valve

motorized valve

1) Press motorized valve 2 seconds and enter to fist menu, the screen display picture 1 text(t on) , indicating enter to set the valve keeping open state .
Press again, the screen display picture 2 text (t o FF),indicating enter to set the valve keeping closed state .
2) Press then the motorized valve after entering the stetting state , showing the valve keeping time for setting ( Set the valve keeping open time on the valve keeping open state . Set the valve keeping closed time on the valve keeping closed state.) . Select flashing bit by pressing motorized valve, and change the numerical by pressing motorized valve.

When " : " is flashing , indicate setting "HS ( hours) :MS(minutes)", and change the flashing fit by pressingmotorized valve.
When the " : " is bright , indicate setting " MS(minutes) :SS(seconds) " .
The data will be deposited in the valve controller after completing the setting .
Press motorized valve when finish setting , will return fist menu , press motorized valve again , enter to next fist menu to set parameters .

motorized valve

3) Press the motorized valve&motorized valve, the screen display picture 5 , indicating open the valve manually.
Press the motorized valve&motorized valve, the screen display picture 6, indicating closed the valve manually .
Exit manual mode to press the motorized valve& motorized valve or motorized valve &motorized valve.. And go the power -on action .
motorized valve

4) On the normal working state, the displayed time is valve keeping time.(e.g. Valve keeping open time is 10 S, will count down 10S)
The " : " is flashing , indicating the "HS ( hours) : MS(minutes)"' .
The " : " is bright, indicating the " MS(minutes) : SS(seconds) " .

4 Stalling protection function

When the actuator is detected stalling, it will run in reverse direction .when reach to the open or closed position , and do the close or open action again , meanwhile displaying flashed 0000-0001 on screen ( indicating the current retrying times ) . If it fail at third retrying , the valve will stop running and display ERRL on the screen .

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