China tonhe motorized ball valve model instruction

Tonhe company motorized valve model instruction, for example:A20-T15-B2-C, each one on behalf of the following meaning, the A20 is valve actuator model, tonhe have two kinds actuator A20, A100, A20 can with 2NM torque, A100 can with 10NM torque. the letter "T" means switch type motorized valve,Time control valve represented by the letter "S", water leak protection valve with "W", wireless remote control motorized valve with "R", modulating motorized valve with "M".

Digital "15" indicates that valve body size is DN15mm (1/2"),The letter "B" refer to brass valve body, the number "2" refer to Straight through valve (two way),The letter "C" refer to valve actuator with indicator.

The actuator has three states, A B C type. like below:

motorized ball valve

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